Why choose hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring gives you plenty of reasons to choose the product line as a remodeling option for your home. This floor covering is one of the most highly sought-after products in the flooring industry, offering beauty, performance, and a wealth of customization. There are extensive options, and here are some facts that can make this daunting process more comfortable as you prepare to remodel.

Enjoy the benefits of wood floors

The beauty found in this flooring line comes from extensive customization options that can include species type, stain color, surface texture, and installation layout for your wood floors, to name a few choices. As you mix and match, you can create a custom look, especially if you opt for borders, inlays, or custom mosaics. Since these materials are always trending, you never have to worry that your floors will go out of style.

You'll appreciate plenty of durability in wood floors, starting with the right species choice since some are harder than others. Many homeowners prefer hardwood flooring because this durability can lead to lifespans of more than 100 years, especially since the floors can be repaired and refinished over time. We recommend refinishing solid or engineered wood flooring once every 10 years on average or more if there is damage or excessive wear to deal with.

The hardwood installation process must always start with acclimation, which can take one to three days. However, the process helps equalize humidity levels to guard against damage after the installation. The most common installations are nail-down or glue-down products, but you can also choose click-lock, or floating options, especially with engineered materials.

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